Feb 16, 2021

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Why You Need a VIN Certification

What exactly is a VIN verification? In addition to just the name or registration, VIN verification can be a visual inspection of your car to verify that the car identification number on your car accurately matches the car’s title or registration document. A VIN number is assigned to each specific make and model of vehicle manufactured by a particular dealership, and it is checked during the purchase process at the time of sale. This will enable you to ensure that you are not purchasing an incorrectly registered vehicle. You may find more details about this at  Huntington Beach Vin Verification Association

Not all cars or motorcycles have a VIN number; in fact, many vehicles with very low mileage do not have a VIN number. Because of this, many states require VIN inspections before automobiles can be sold or traded in. Because motorcycles are commonly used for both business and personal purposes, having a VIN verified can help ensure that you are not purchasing an incorrectly registered vehicle, which could lead to fines and penalties if it is determined that a fraudulent vehicle was driven while you were driving or when you attempted to take out a driver’s license.

Both new and used vehicles can have a VIN verified; although, many consumers prefer to purchase a used vehicle because it often carries a lower cost than a new car. When purchasing a vehicle, consumers should ensure that it is equipped with a factory-installed emission test device. Although many newer cars and trucks have emissions devices that were installed when the car was newly purchased, many older cars and trucks can still be sold and purchased without having the emissions device included with the car. By using a VIN verification, you can ensure that you are purchasing a vehicle that was properly tested and meets all federal emissions requirements, which will help you avoid hefty fines and possible vehicle impoundment