Jan 23, 2021

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Why Michael Nugent DDS Is Your Best Choice

At one point, if a person lost a tooth because of accident, old age, or some other cause, then the space in the mouth was left vacant or a denture or a fake tooth was inserted in its place. Times have altered.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Michael Nugent DDS-Dental Implants

Dental implants include inserting a metal rod at the jawline and placing where the previous tooth was a moulded artificial tooth or crown. It can last a lifetime and keep your gumline safe, since the implant is fused with existing teeth.

As the foundation for the implant or dental crown, you need to have healthy gums and solid bones. These implants have the appearance and sound of normal teeth and can be used to chew food or do whatever regular teeth do.

Before performing any implant procedure, the health status of the patient, the condition of the gum tissues and jaws, and the size, shape, and location of the jaw bones are essential considerations. Owing to the increased risk of gum disease and infection, individuals with poor oral hygiene, diabetics, and others who smoke heavily are discouraged from having implants.

In particular, dental implant failure is also increased for people suffering from bone disorders such as osteoporosis, and for people who have been taking steroids for a long time.

There are three components of a dental implant: titanium metal applied to the jawbone, an abutment or post fitted over the section of the implant jutting out of the gums, and a crown to give the inserted tooth/teeth a natural-looking appearance.

A titanium rod that is attached to the current jawline is also the lower part of the implant. Usually, crowns are made of a composite resin with a whitish tooth colour. In certain situations, a porcelain tooth may be used by the dentist, but it is not known as durable for grinding and chewing for a lifetime.