Jan 20, 2021

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White Collar Crime Attorney: Your Rights And Your Future

A white collar crime attorney may be the best defense you have when faced with such a charge. White collar crimes including embezzlement, theft, employee theft and fraud can have very serious legal consequences for those accused. In many instances, these cases also present unique challenges in the court room, as they can involve complex financial matters and an unwillingness to sift through quite a large amount of disclosure. In some cases, a white collar crime attorney can help to negotiate plea deals or reduce charges that were considered too heavy by the prosecutor. While a traditional criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you deal with the court system, they will not be able to help you in dealing with the consequences that come with a white collar crime charge. This type of lawyer is best reserved for cases that are higher in merit and involve major financial deception or other illegal conduct. Do you want to learn more? Click The Bianchi Law Group, LLC-White Collar Crime Attorney.

One of the more common white-collar crimes is embezzlement, a charge that often carries extremely serious legal repercussions. For instance, a trustee will often be appointed in cases where the defendant has embezzled money or assets. In order to be found guilty of this act, it must be proven that the defendant committed the act with the intent to commit fraud or theft against another person. This means that even if the defendant did not actually intend to illegally take property or access, he or she may still be found guilty of embezzlement, which can result in years of prison time and significant financial consequences. It is important to retain a competent white collar crime attorney if you are accused of any of these acts.

The bottom line is that whether you have been charged with a white collar crime or any other type of felony, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. If you have already been charged with such a crime, you should immediately contact a qualified attorney who has experience fighting these types of cases. The lawyer will be able to provide you with the necessary information regarding your rights as well as any other relevant legal advice that are needed in this situation. You should consider hiring an attorney who specializes in cases such as these because the stakes are extremely high and the outcome of your case may mean the difference between spending years in jail and being allowed to resume living a normal life. Hiring a qualified white collar crime attorney can ensure that you receive the best possible defense on your charges.