Jul 22, 2021

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Where Is Botox Available?

Botox is generally used for muscle weakness, facial lines and wrinkles. It reduces the strength of facial expression, frowning, mouth twitches, facial contractions and muscle spasms. Botox is generally injected into the affected area, although it can also be taken as a pill or injected directly into the muscles. Botox can be used in different areas like forehead, face muscles, neck, face, eyes, tongue, and inner thighs. Botox treatment lasts for about four to six months.Have a look at Botox in Calgary for more info on this.


Botox injections are also used in treating excessive sweating, facial spasms, drooling, facial grimacing, uncontrolled blinking, uncontrolled grunting, and excessive sweating or overheating. Botox is generally injected into the affected muscle group, under the muscle, or both, depending on the need. It blocks the nerve impulses causing excessive sweating, spasm, or muscle spasm.

Botox is generally given as a single shot, although multiple shots may be given if there are multiple areas that need to be treated. Excess Botox treatments may be given if there is a history of facial muscle weakness or excessive sweating in the area. After receiving Botox injections, the patient should avoid rubbing the injected area, because this may increase the effectiveness of the treatment. It should also be kept away from sunlight, heat, and water, to protect it from bacteria.

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