Feb 13, 2021

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Reflexology – Holistic Health Solution

Reflexology is a therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points known as reflexes that are typically present in the feet, hands and head, especially the ears, thus facilitating healing from the inside of the body. It is one of the ancient healing arts that helps to treat the whole body’s tension and pain.Do you want to learn more? Visit Palmercare Chiropractic Leesburg, Virginia

Reflexology is based largely on the ancient Chinese idea that energy flows all over the human body. If this energy flows naturally within the body, people lead a healthy and balanced life and if any obstruction happens, it can lead to diseases.

How Reflexology Functions:

Practitioners in reflexology claim the foot can be divided into various reflex zones that correspond to all energy zones in the body. Therefore, applying pressure to ‘gritty’ or ‘tight’ areas of the foot of the person in the form of massage activates the corresponding areas of the energy body, thereby assisting in the self-healing process.

How Reflexology is conducted:

Pressure is applied to the hands, feet or ears in Reflexology therapy using different methods such as finger pressure, holds, thumb, rubbing, rotation, kneading and/or wrist.

When a certified practitioner conducts reflexology therapy, it creates a deep, calming feeling in the body. But the client can not notice health benefits, only a comforting foot massage, if the therapist is inadequately qualified.

Session on reflexology – What to expect:

Usually, the reflexology session lasts about 45 minutes to one hour. The client relaxes comfortably on a reclining chair and the therapist’s feet are strategically positioned to operate on it. Depending on the experience of the therapist, using stretch, pressure, and calming methods, they will methodically operate on either the feet, hands or ears (or a combination of all three). The client experiences a profound feeling of peace and calm at the end of the session.

Who can take advantage of reflexology:

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy which, regardless of age or health conditions, benefits almost every person. It is considered to help all ages, from older people with arthritic issues and problems with mobility to babies with colicky pains.

In a number of physical as well as psychological issues, it is proven to be productive and supportive. It is a holistic technique that approaches the person as a whole instead of just the symptoms.

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