Dec 7, 2020

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Get to know in detail about McKennon Law Group PC, San Diego

Referrals are an effective and convenient tool for new business for many attorneys. Customer referrals are rewarding as the assumption is that the referring customer is positive and pleased with the product of your work. To get more information try out here  McKennon Law Group PC, San Diego

Another referral form is from a colleague, generally referred to as referrals from lawyer to lawyer. LexisNexis analysis showed that 26 percent of the revenue of a U.S. law firm usually comes from referred work. It is not realistic, however to rely solely on referrals from attorneys. Several approaches that need continued attention require the implementation of a multi-pronged approach to referrals.

Most lawyers believe their friends will be referred to by all happy clients. It happens less often, unfortunately, than they would like. In order to obtain referrals and develop a practise, lawyers need to be pro-active.

The best approaches for creating an efficient referral network have been researched:

Although this seems straightforward, it is not used often enough. “If you hear of anyone who needs my services, I hope you’ll keep me in mind. “If you hear of anyone who needs my services, I hope you can keep me in mind.

There are more components to an effective ‘Ask’ than most professionals know. It is very open ended to only ask for references and may result in a bad match for the prospective client and the solicitor. Here are some tips for turning an ambiguous “ask” into a customer.

Try a “ask” that gives a good image of the kind of services you are providing.

Be clear on what you can sell beyond what is familiar to other customers. Many consumers just know about the services you have rendered, so make sure that you make the full scope of your practise available to customers, colleagues and other professionals.

You can deliver what is called the “net promoter survey.” after the final closure of a case.


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