Jan 16, 2021

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Cloud Computing Is Soaring To New Heights

Clouds have long been a fascinating facet of nature, no wonder the growing usage of cloud based technology or cloud computing is equally fascinating for techies and laymen alike. It is important at this juncture to realise that cloud storage or cloud related technology have little to do with the clouds we learned in our geography classes that hover high above in the atmosphere. It is rather, the method of utilising a network of remote servers located on the Internet to store, handle, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.Learn more about us at Advantages of Cloud Computing

The increasing adoption of cloud computing may be associated to the multiple benefits it offers businesses those which are lined below:

Not covered or curtailed by geography

The present day environment is also referred to as a competitive market where borders and limits between nations do not restrict businesses from bringing their offering to faraway areas around the world. The prime benefit cloud computing offers companies today is to operate from everywhere in the internet linked globe. With job related data kept in a distant server any one with the keys for access will conveniently log into a network download the files to work on and do his bit from anywhere in the internet linked world. Unlike in the past where work was held at a central place and staff had to reach out to the location to view files and directories, cloud storage allows the organisation with the liberty to authorise its workers to work from home or a vacation spot in Hawaii. Cloud networking is also helping the growing culture of ‘Bring your own laptop’ as staff demonstrate a tendency for utilising their handheld internet enabled computers to operate on the run. Organisations to retain their workers focused and to restrict efficiency standards from falling have adopted to the cloud as it allows the employees to use their computers to accomplish their assignments.

Charge as per usage model

What has garnered tremendous attention from companies is the very important cost factor that limits most strategy and programmes of a company. Cloud hosting negates the need for companies to set up costly systems to house records, applications and other files. Cloud service companies take the onus for much of the worries a company may have with relation to the data and its administrators. As in the case of consumer identity management, a customer registration solution helping consumers register via emails or using their current social network ids, through social login. The approach relieves organisations of questions regarding the registration process and associated matters of forgotten codes, resets of passwords, etc., taken care of at the end by the service provider. It collects and preserves sensitive consumer specific data in a safe and stable manner, complying to the various legislation separate nations have placed on processing of personal data of their residents. It is a win-win for both the company and the service provider as the business paying a monthly or annual charge not only gets to use tech as a service, all its additional issues involved with transitioning to the cloud, storing of records, compliance with legislation are addressed by the service provider.

Collaboration and engaging quality human capital from the national talent pool

Cloud infrastructure has rendered communication across people, departments across industries transparent in a virtual world. The virtual connection means that the best human capital no matter where they live in the internet linked world will share their talent and knowledge for the growth of the company. Complementing outstanding talent is the availability of various softwares that will render operations of a company more proficient.

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