Dec 17, 2020

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St. Louis Medical Marijuana – All About It

Medical marijuana holds considerable potential as a probable cure for glaucoma according to several reports released recently. Statistics obtained by the National Society for Blindness Reduction show that the eye disorder glaucoma affects more than four million Americans with 178,000 additional cases of glaucoma being identified last year. It is the leading cause of blindness that is found in all age ranges in the United States, most frequently seen in persons over the age of 65. Open angle or persistent glaucoma is one of the most common types of glaucoma defined by an increase in IOP (intraocular pressure) inside the eye which potentially damages the optic nerve if the condition is not properly managed and controlled.Visit St. Louis Medical Marijuana for more details.

There are several forms of glaucoma whose main cure is by surgery, such as secondary or narrow-angle glaucoma. A mixture of oral and topical narcotics is used to treat 90 percent of wide angle and narrow angle glaucoma events. Around 10 percent in the instances appear to be successfully handled or regulated utilising the commercially approved pharmaceutical medications.

This glaucoma medicines are considered to induce adverse effects such as nausea, agitation, distorted vision, kidney stones, seizures, eye irritation, migraine, anxious tension, and heart arrhythmias that lead patients to quit utilising them. UCLA’s lead investigator in clinical trials, Dr. Robert Hepler, confirmed that medicinal marijuana was more effective in lowering eye pressure relative to traditional drugs. On average , patients who smoked MMJ witnessed an eye pressure drop of 30 percent based on the dosage and the impact continued for at least four to five hours.

The need for surgical surgery that costs Americans an extra USD 8.8 million annually may be removed by medicinal cannabis. A West Indies pharmaceutical company has produced eye drops which contain synthetic marijuana. This isn’t actually possible in the U.S. however. Several other pharmaceutical firms are actively researching medicines that share a molecular resemblance to the different cannabis psychoactive substances that might have potential uses for glaucoma.

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