Dec 26, 2020

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Mommy Makeovers – Best Remedy For Sagging Breasts

Not all breasts have muscles inside them. They are composed primarily of soft tissues and ligaments. Beneath the breast tissue, the pectoral muscles are actually found. Because of this lack of necessary support, due to age and gravity, breasts, especially large ones, will eventually sag. Sagging of the breasts for all women is a natural progression. The only factors that lead to sagging breasts are not age and gravitational attraction. Pregnancy can also cause breasts to sag because of breast involution, especially when a woman has had multiple pregnancies. Visit us for great deals in West Long Branch Plastic Surgery Association
A medical term for the shrinkage of tissue within the breast mass is breast involution. The tissue that is no longer needed, such as milk sacks after birth, shrinks and leaves empty spaces that can not be filled easily by the stretched skin over the breasts. The same ’empty spaces’ due to weight reduction may be caused by rapid fat loss. Women with a higher index of body mass, not necessarily obese women, will experience weight and body mass fluctuations.
As a result, with constant changes in body fat content, the skin is not able to adapt instantly. This makes the skin relax and the breasts sag. However, in helping weight watchers cope with sagging breasts, age and exercise are decisive factors. Younger women and those who also exercise to complement their diet will tighten the skin elasticity of their breasts and the pectoral muscles underlying them. Menopause can also trigger involution of the breast. Aging and estrogen depletion will tell the body that a woman has lost her capacity to carry a baby. For menopausal women, breast tissue and some body fat are not required anymore.
In addition to breast tissue shrinkage and fat loss, sagging breasts may also grow from skin elasticity loss. Elastin, a protein that retains the skin’s youthful elasticity, may be damaged by smoking. Aging also leads to the loss of skin elasticity due to the degradation of collagen. A 2006 University of Kentucky study reported that the common misconception that breastfeeding causes sagging breasts to develop is not valid. This myth is also used by women who stop breastfeeding their children as a reason for fear that their breasts are going to sag and look hideous.