Nov 25, 2020

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Local Brand Advisor – Top 3 Reasons to Use a Local SEO Company

Many fly-by-night businesses that charge high fees and produce little results have cropped up all over the internet, considering the essence of SEO. Generally, these firms stay anonymous, they over-promise and under-deliver, and it is easy for them to vanish if you have a problem. Many consumers have had this bad experience while recruiting an SEO consultant for their company, and partnering with a local SEO consultant is one of the keys to preventing this. Do you want to learn more? Click Local Brand Advisor.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should think locally sourcing your SEO work:

1. Instead of an anonymous online speech, it is much better to establish a working relationship with someone you will meet in person. SEO is not something that occurs overnight; it takes anywhere from six months to a year to establish a method, and even after that, the management of your rankings continues. Your company is in business for the long run, and so should your SEO consultant.

2. In less than an hour, a website that advertises SEO services can be set up and taken down much faster. Nothing is more frustrating than making an investment in your company and seeing the company vanish with your money, finishing the work partially or never completing it. Business owners usually end up lacking any redress – how much longer do you have to pay to reimburse several thousand dollars from an out-of-state corporation for a lawyer?

3. When forming a working relationship with an SEO expert, the two major advantages of the website, speed and confidentiality, are the greatest pitfalls. You thoroughly vet the suppliers as a wise company owner – ask them questions about their offerings, and provide examples of their work. For the work they have completed, a successful local SEO company can provide you with verifiable, local references.