Feb 22, 2021

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Information About City Car & Truck Rental

With the high cost of car rental, often the price is not worth the convenience anymore. Sure, there is something to do with high car rental rates with the growing price of fuel at the pump. But what most of us don’t know is that secret costs are the explanation for most of what’s in your rental bill. Actually, these payments will lead to half of what they charge for your bill. City Car & Truck Rental is an excellent resource for this.

This won’t be told to you by most rental car companies, but most of those secret charges are optional. By getting them deducted from your car rental bill, you can save money. We’re going to show you what these secret charges are, what they say, and how you can get out of them by talking your way.

Airport taxes and surcharges for the ease of picking up your rental car at the airport are what car rental companies charge you extra. Actually, this additional service will amount to 10 percent of your overall bill. When you want your car purchased at the airport, the reason they charge you more is because of taxes and concession fees. Every time they carry a rental to the airport, car rental companies have to pay concession fees to the airport management. The corporation also has to pay the local government company taxes for doing business at the airport.

There is a free shuttle service with fixed routes at most airports and some rental companies. Take advantage of this free service to delete this secret fee from your car rental bill and only get your car dropped off at a spot away from the airport. That way, renting a car cuts costs and you don’t get an additional fee for your use.

The Crash Injury or Loss Damage Waiver is the additional $10-$25 you have to pay per day to prevent responsibility for any damage to your rental car, provided that the damage was not caused by gross negligence.

As part of their regular policy, most vehicle insurance and credit card insurance cover rental vehicles. Check if rental cars are protected by your insurance policy and have the Loss Damage Waiver withdrawn if they do. You’re only wasting money if, on top of your normal insurance, you pay for crash injury.