Jan 25, 2021

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Get to know in detail about KB Mortgage

Specific personal circumstances are therefore not likely to be evaluated. It also assumes that the responses of the customers are factually correct and that the final choice is made by the consumer alone. Although no advice is provided, these brokers manage the arrangement of the mortgage on behalf of the consumer and therefore deal with all the pursuit and elimination of stress from the process. KB Mortgage in Chilliwack British Colombia is an excellent resource for this.

This type of service is where a mortgage consultant uses their knowledge and skills to provide the most appropriate mortgage to suit the personal circumstances of the consumer. This will involve a complete fact-finding interview, an assessment of affordability, a discussion of future plans and aspirations for consumers, all of which provide key facts about consumer requirements and, therefore, a means for the consultant to identify appropriate products.

However, the adviser will not handle the arrangement of the mortgage, so the consumer would have to deal directly with the bank or building society in order to arrange the mortgage. Usually, these consultants do not exist alone, this is often a service provided below by the ‘Independent Mortgage Adviser’ form. And often occurs when only direct through high street (i.e., not through mortgage advisers/brokers) is offered the most appropriate mortgage. Therefore, the consultant would offer the client an advice-only option and would often charge a fee for this service.

Although the client has to deal directly with the bank or construction company, their mortgage advisor often provides the consumer with support.Tied mortgage consultants come in two forms:’ offering only mortgages from one lender or its own mortgages’ or multi-tied’ offering only mortgages from a limited number of lenders.’ This clearly limits the number of mortgage products available to match the personal circumstances of the consumer and in many cases, they may not be able to offer the most suitable mortgage product, so advice may result in the best mortgage they can offer, which is woefully inadequate. Branches of the high streets. Only mortgage products from that building society can be offered by a consumer calls to their local construction society branch and their in-house mortgage adviser. There is a substantial reduction in consumer choice and mortgage product suitability.


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