Jan 23, 2021

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Foot Reflexology Systems In Massage Chairs

A natural procedure used as part of a preventive health maintenance program is reflexology. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt through reflexology. Since the days of the Egyptians, much has been known about reflexology. Foot reflexology devices are now making their way into massage chairs with new technology. Visit us on Reflexology near me.

Lymphatic and vascular circulation is improved by foot reflexology. It also allows the hormonal system to stabilize. It is also an important treatment for diseases of the nervous system. There are several different advantages, including relief from daily massages with foot reflexology.

There are a variety of top producers that provide in their recliners foot reflexology massage. Companies such as Panasonic, Omega and Sanyo have developed capabilities to provide calming treatments for foot reflexology. To achieve these kinds of therapies, there are a variety of different methods.

Next, there are certain connections between the feet and the rest of the body that we have to consider. There are 7200 nerve endings on each foot. They provide direct access inside the body to the circulatory and nervous systems. Another significant aspect is that the feet are the furthest away from the heart, helping to increase circulation.

The theory behind a reflexology foot massage is based on the idea that there are reflex points. Reflexology uses complex methods of pressure that cause a profound relaxation state. The nerve endings of the feet are associated with the body’s main organs.

A mixture of reflexology plates or nodes together with an air massage device is used by the designers of massage chairs. To include a reflexology massage, a massage chair has specially developed software to handle the various systems. To provide calming relief and relaxation, these technologies come together.

A reflexology plate is one significant development. In the foot wells of the leg rest, these uniquely crafted plates are mounted. On top of the reflexology plates, the feet are located. The trigger points on the soles of the feet are activated by these specially shaped plates.

Using specialized nodes is another technique. Normally, these nodes are attached to an air bag. The airbag that provides the energy to activate the points of reflexology is inflated.

Specially built airbags on the hand and top of the feet are used to provide a compression massage. To relieve stiffness in the feet, the air pressure is used and also to keep them in place. While the specialized nodes push into the trigger points, the airbags will either push the feet on the reflexology plates or hold them.