Dec 19, 2020

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Change US Mailing Address Easily

Every year, millions of Americans change their emails, making it nearly impossible for any mailing list database to retain its credibility. Address verification technology, or business address data validation, correction, and standardisation, is designed to address this problem, providing accurate, complete, and detailed information on addresses while saving large amounts of operating budget dollars.Do you want to learn more? Get More Information

Cass-certified, web-based software solutions are the most successful address verification programmes that easily provide a quality outcome at a lower price and provide many critical priority features.

The address format can be corrected, checked and standardised by such a programme. It will check whether there really is an address and fill in the blanks, adding missing zip code, city or state, and information about zip+4. It can detect duplications and add routes for carriers. Changes in rural and highway routes and address box numbers can also be changed.

The advantages are clear. Your mail gets where you want it to go – the first time, to begin with. No re-sending time was lost, and no money was lost due to invalid mailings. Your postal prices are going down and your service, a win-win scenario, is going up. Online submission is simple, and processing is secure, so that in just minutes you have precise mailing lists in your hands.

Software as a service (SaaS), also known as the on-demand’ service ensures that without buying and downloading software, the mailing lists can be scrubbed and checked. To increase both your business versatility and your profit margin, you are purchasing a secure low-cost online address verification service. Such a service is easily scalable, large or small, to the scale of any operation, and is designed to be easily incorporated into any application for customer data centres. You have real-time execution of change-of-address and automatic duplicate deletion. Less packaging and paperwork makes it a ‘green’ operation. These and other benefits help sustain the ‘lean and mean’ and more competitive operation of your operation.

In short, address-verified mail provides users with some unique advantages: by offering the most recent address information available, it eliminates undeliverable mail. It decreases re-mailing time because before mailing, the address correction data is applied. When people receive mail not intended for them it decreases the annoyance factor. It eliminates the costs associated with the re-routing of undeliverable mail or mail; this reduction in both time and expense allows the product or service to be sold more efficiently. At the end of the day, address authentication is a cost-effective, strategic marketing tool.