Mar 25, 2021

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Child custody- Insights

For many divorced and separated parents with children there will be a common answer as to why they ended up with the child custody and visitation arrangement they have. The answer being, “the judge decided it.” In other words, the judge chose the parenting arrangement you have based on his/her belief of what was in your child’s best interest. Have a look at explained in the post for more info on this

Judges do not always make the child custody decision or choose the parenting plan arrangement for the parent’s. In fact, more often than not, the judge will not make the child custody decision for the parent’s. It is usually when the parent’s are unable to reach an agreement on child custody the judge will choose the parenting arrangement for them. If the judge makes the child custody decision for the parent’s it is often referred to as a final judicial order or judgment on child custody.

Parents typically know what’s best for their children including decisions about child custody and visitation. The difficulty for the parents is often the inability to set apart their own emotions and wishes from the needs of the child. Parents are typically given the greatest amount of flexibility in choosing a parenting plan that reflects the best interest of their child. However, when the parent’s are unable to come to an agreement on child custody and visitation the judge will often be given the task to make the decision about child custody and will also have a tremendous amount of leeway in choosing a parenting plan the he/she thinks is best for the child. This leaves vast room for a judge’s interpretation of what is in the best interest of the child and often leads to arbitrary judicial decisions regarding child custody and visitation.

When the court or judge chooses a parenting plan for the parent’s it will usually result in one or both parents being disappointed or feeling a sense of loss. Typically one parent will feel as though they won child custody while the other parent felt they lost child custody. It’s also not uncommon that both parents end up disappointed with the court or judges decision. Rarely both parents feel as though they won when the court or judge makes the child custody decision.

To avoid arbitrary judicial child custody decision made by the court and judges you would be wise to learn more about how child custody decisions are made and the laws in your particular state. How judges have ruled in the past and what influences his/her decisions. Additionally, you will want to explore alternative dispute resolution options such as child custody mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration. If you are seeking legal advice on how to proceed with your child custody case you can consult a family law attorney in your area who spends a significant amount of his/her practice representing clients on child custody cases.

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Dec 18, 2020

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Information About Hardy Lehmann, PLLC

Are you about to face a case involving child custody? If you are, you have to ask what you can do to win your custody case, because right now you need to employ a child custody attorney. Hardy Lehmann, PLLC – Fort Worth Child Custody Attorney┬áis an excellent resource for this.

Of course, all of the child custody lawyers will advise you that you can immediately employ an attorney to assist you in your custody case. Nevertheless, things are not really all that easy, especially for parents who do not bathe in cash.

If your financial condition is incredibly fine of course, then just go and recruit the best lawyer you can find. But instead, I have to warn you against only walking into a law firm and hiring an attorney to deal with your case if you don’t have much money to spare.

The explanation for this is that, and this problem is no exception, good things in life can never come cheap. But if you can’t afford to employ one of the best attorneys, but instead hire someone cheap to do cases, you might potentially decrease your chances of winning the custody case for your child.

There are other alternatives for those who do not have unlimited funds to back them up, where they can seek support.

For both men and women who are going through a custody case, some of the most respected child custody experts are now providing their assistance online. Not even a third of what you would pay for a custody attorney is the cost of their services.

The truth is that these professionals know everything there is to know about how their case can be won by parents. In this country, there are not many lawyers who could ever equal the expertise that these custody experts possess.

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