Dec 2, 2020

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A Visit to the Dentist is of More Value Than You Might Think

When you’re young, the idea of getting older and losing your teeth or having an awful yellow gum smile may not seem so important to your teeth, it seems much too distant to even worry about. It’s just a hassle to go to the dentist, there are much better things to do with your time, and a dentist appointment is way down on your list of priorities. Feel free to click here to find out more

Incorrect! For infants, children and adults alike, daily visits to the dentist for routine checkups, remedial dental care and dental hygiene sessions are equally relevant. At no point can it be said that when considering the significance of your teeth, a visit to the dentist is a waste of time.

Your dentist will be able to add value to the health of your baby’s teeth as soon as one year of age by ensuring that their teeth are correctly cut through and spaced properly and that there are no issues with the gums of your baby. Under the erroneous and mistaken belief that the way baby teeth grow has little effect on adult teeth, many parents dismiss these early visits as a complete waste of time.

The lack of sufficient dental treatment for young children means that over 25% of children under the age of four (in the USA) actually have cavities in their teeth! One good justification to ensure that you stick to the routine of taking your children from the age of one year to the dentist every six months.

It’s crucial for kids to know more about the need for proper dental care. Parents banging on brushing and flossing teeth can go in one ear and out of the other, but learning more about the best way to care for teeth, and the dentist and dental hygienist can make all the difference if you don’t.

For many children, particularly those who have had a bad experience, the idea of going to the dentist can be very overwhelming, so it is important that your children get used to the dentist from a very young age and that you wisely choose your family dentist.

While it does not necessarily mean that the dentist is right for your family, try to find a dentist who specialises in the treatment of children’s teeth. A recommendation from other mothers is always a helpful starting point, and one way to verify how cautious and patient a dentist is likely to be with your kids is to go for your own checkup.