Jun 30, 2021

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Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services Offered By A Cleaning Service Company

Cleaning service, maid service, janitorial service and apartment cleaning are several terms more recently referring to a specific specialized external service, giving individuals, companies, fraternal organizations and other residential premises the assurance that their home will be kept in a pristine condition with regular cleaning from reliable experts who have experience and knowledge in dealing with a variety of assignments. Cleaning services may also be provided by residential housekeeping companies that operate within the boundaries of an individual’s community or who work for a variety of housing and commercial institutions. If you’re looking for more tips, Cleaning Service Dallas has it for you. Many residential housekeeping companies advertise and serve as advertising agents for other cleaning companies. They also give references to companies that they are familiar with and who may be able to provide the particular service the client is requesting. This eliminates the risk of being given false information and ensures the reliability of the cleaning company chosen by the residential housekeeping company.


Residential housekeeping companies provide their customers with a number of services including cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, maintaining landscaping and providing general home maintenance services. Most of the commercial cleaning services focus on tasks such as maintaining apartment buildings and office buildings, cleaning windows and exteriors of commercial buildings and homes, repairing roof and fencing, maintaining gardens and shrubbery, snow removal and ice control, pool maintenance and landscaping. The services usually offered by a commercial cleaning service company include the following: housekeeping, cleaning windows and glass, dusting woodwork, scrubbing floors and ceilings, vacuuming carpet, washing windows and doors, scrubbing bathrooms and showers, replacing light bulbs, boxing upholstery, flattening gypsum boards and sealing and cleaning tiles and bricks.

Vacuum Transfer: A cleaning agent used in residential homes to remove dust and debris from carpets and furniture. The type of vacuum used also depends on the kind of surface to be cleaned and its cleaning requirements. Vacuum transfer systems include a variety of attachments that can be attached to the vacuum hose or can be manually used to suck and carry away debris. Some of the vacuum transfer systems available in the market include the Smart Vacuum, Miele, Canister Vacuum and the Eureka vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners that include attachments for rugs and mattresses are also very popular.

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