Jan 20, 2021

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Tea House in Sarajevo-An Introduction

There are a number of different types of establishments that offer a service known as tea house, which is often confused with a cafe or even a coffee shop, however, teahouses tend to have their own distinct style and atmosphere that cannot be reached by other types of businesses. A teahouse is usually an underground room which is specifically designed for serving only tea and other light refreshing drinks like lattes. A tea house can be either an underground room placed in a hotel specifically for serving tea in the evening, or can be an independent establishment that only serves light refreshing drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. More tips here click here

There are a number of stories behind the origin of this wonderful tradition. The first story goes back to the ancient Chinese, who constructed these establishments that can still be found today. The second story is about seven thousand years ago, when the Etruscans established a vast network of watercraft that was said to have been built by the daughter of the Emperor of Rome and the husband of her mother. All seven thousand years ago, during the cold winter months when the Etruscans were in the country, they would go to Lake Louise and fill their watercraft with milk and sugar and then take it to the nearby village known as Pastremo, where there were a couple of frozen lakes frozen over entirely, and they would deposit their supplies there in return for food, hospitality services in return.

The third and most famous of the tea houses is the Henchman’s Tea House located in Nanking, China. This establishment was built around six hundred years ago and used by the daughter of the last emperor of China as her private quarters. This house is the main attraction to the millions of visitors who throng to Nanking during the summer and fall months. In addition to providing good refreshment and relaxation, China has also been an important spot for art and history with many of its old historical buildings still standing today, as well as a vast array of great museums.