Feb 7, 2021

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Synergy²⎮Jackson Pest Control Features

Pest Control is the regulation or direction of a species defined as an invasive organism, a member of the insect kingdom that harms human activities negatively. It is a complex process which involves assessment, prevention, and elimination of the population of the identified pest. Pest control encompasses many aspects of management techniques used to reduce the numbers of insects and their diseases. Pest management includes assessment of all aspects of a pest problem such as habitats, food supply, water supply, breeding grounds and humans. In agriculture, natural pests are controlled by biological, chemical and economic means.Learn more by visiting Synergy²â®Jackson Pest Control

Biological control or mechanical pest control involves the use of chemicals to kill insects, the transfer of organisms to selected locations, and the prevention of larvae implantation. Mechanical methods of pest control include the use of insecticides, sprays, fumigants, and traps. Chemical control involves the use of systemic pesticides, which have a molecular structure that destroys both living and non-living matter. Biological insecticides are made from micro-organisms that only attack other insects.

Trap cropping is one of the most common forms of biological control practiced on a large scale in the United States. Trap cropping involves the development of an efficient trap, usually consisting of an underground tunnel with a number of entrance points, where live and dead insects are placed. The insect will fall into the trap and will then die. The insects and larva will be devoured by the larger insects in the trap; however, if there are several larvae present, it will kill them. Another form of mechanical insect control practiced on a small scale is field burning, where piles of wood, leaves, and other debris are set on fire to kill weeds, grasses, and vegetation growing near where the unwanted pests live.

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