Jan 29, 2021

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NYC Plastic Surgeon Launches e-Book On Ethnic Rhinoplasty and Aesthetic Training Explained

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery performed to change the nose’s size or shape or to restore the nasal structures to proper function. When they are dissatisfied with the look of their noses and want a more aesthetic appearance, many individuals resort to rhinoplasty.Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty are the most common rhinoplasties. In order to perform a Revision Rhinoplasty, also called a Secondary Rhinoplasty, a plastic surgeon may also be needed. There is also a non-surgical operation called Filler Rhinoplasty for minor modifications to the nose. You canĀ  Get More Information

Here are the four basic procedures for cosmetic and medical nose reshaping:

Rhinoplasty Open

For major nose reshaping, the Open Rhinoplasty technique is used. The doctor would make an incision in the strip of the skin separating the nostrils during this surgery. The surgeon is able to see and deal with the underlying nasal structure with the skin and soft tissue lifted off.

The benefits of Open Rhinoplasty give the surgeon a clear visualisation of the cartilage and other nasal anatomy, and the ability to more control and precisely manipulate the nasal shape.

The Rhinoplasty Closed

For a Closed Rhinoplasty, the incisions inside the nose are made. Then, the skin is removed from the bone and cartilage, as in an Open Rhinoplasty, giving the surgeon access to the underlying structure. To achieve the desired shape or structural correction, the bone and cartilage may then be reshaped, removed or augmented.

Rhinoplasty Revision

Revision Rhinoplasty is often referred to as Secondary Rhinoplasty since it is a second operation performed following a previous surgical procedure on the nose to correct conditions that have developed and remain.The issue may be one of appearance. Perhaps the patient does not like the first surgery’s result. Or due to any structural difficulty or because of an accident trauma that happens after a person has already had nose altering surgery, a revision rhinoplasty may have to be done.

The Rhinoplasty Filler

Your doctor will use injectable fillers to modify the shape of your nose in a Filler Rhinoplasty operation. The doctor will smooth out sharp angles and bumps with this non-surgical approach, adjust the shape of the tip of the nose, and restore a certain amount of symmetry. Since filler rhinoplasty is an augmentation operation, that is, material is inserted, the size of someone’s nose can not be decreased.

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