Mar 31, 2021

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Record about Partida Corona Medical Center

All of the viruses that lurk in our environment, in my opinion, are predators waiting to pounce on us like hungry lions and tigers. Depending on the effectiveness of one’s immune system, a healthy person will usually resist a virus infection. However, if our immune system is weakened by mental or physical causes, we can fall victim to any virus. As a consequence, it is the duty of every person in society to maintain a level of fitness that will protect them. helpful site Partida Corona Medical Center

The medical profession and its place in society irritates and disappoints me the most. It is meant to look after people’s physical and mental health, but it is simply assisting the government in making people’s lives more complicated. They don’t seem to understand that saving lives at all costs isn’t the only consideration. We must factor in socioeconomic costs when making decisions; otherwise, our behaviour would be inefficient and reckless.

Hundreds of millions of people have lost their jobs, and tens of millions of companies have closed their doors. How do we neglect the mental and physical implications of government bureaucratic policy that causes suffering in the population? Poverty fosters a rise in crime, aggression, substance abuse, and suicides, among other things. Please keep in mind that private citizens bear the brunt of these steps, not government employees, who are largely untouched financially.

In my opinion, the lockout is an inhumane measure. Putting people in high-rise buildings in solitary confinement for six weeks is equivalent to putting them in solitary confinement in their cells. Also, how do we justify imprisoning people on a cruise ship for days because they have a case of coronavirus on board for no fault of their own? Only if the steps we take destroy or remove the virus can we justify a lockdown; otherwise, we’re just catching the tiger by the tail.

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If we look at all of the steps we’ve taken so far, we’ll see that they’ve all been panic measures. They don’t get rid of the virus or kill it. The virus’s spread is only hampered by the lockout. Virus infections have a natural tendency to spread. As a result, once the lockout is lifted, the virus will spread. The infection rate must increase. We must accept that the coronavirus is here to stay, and we must learn to live with it in the same way that we have learned to live with the influenza virus.Covid-19, a coronavirus, seems to have spooked the world. It has been the twenty-first century’s boogeyman. The medical profession was initially alarmed by how quickly it spread and killed people. They spooked governments all over the world, causing them to take drastic steps such as introducing different levels of lockdown. For most countries, it has been nothing but a socioeconomic catastrophe. Furthermore, the media’s continuous coverage of the virus outbreak is creating needless fear, disorder, and confusion among the public.

In my previous post, “Corona: The Making of the Bogeyman,” I discussed how a frightened mind is incapable of logical thought. I also discussed how a bureaucratic mind is incapable of thinking like this. As a result, I assume that a fearful bureaucrat will be doubly incapable of making any reasonable decision. This is apparent in the bureaucratic actions taken by governments around the world.Although all of this virus research in the community might be academically desirable, the way the media portrays it should be a source of concern for all of us looking to better our mental health. It is causing needless anxiety and alarm among the public.

Perhaps we will learn from our animal friends about how they have managed to coexist peacefully with all of the predators in their environment since the dawn of time. When we watch buffaloes and lions, we can see that the lions frighten the buffaloes by chasing them. The buffaloes stop running until the lions have caught the weakest one. They begin grazing with ease, knowing that the lions will not attack them again until they are hungry. They don’t stay scared for long.

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