Feb 10, 2021

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Learn More About Reflexology


You may be in for a surprise for those who think reflexology merely a good foot massage. The gentle modulation of pressure points to clear paths for energy to circulate is reflexology. Then the enhanced energy enlivens the body, helping it repair itself.Do you want to learn more? Visit Palmercare Chiropractic Lakewood, Colorado.

Reflexology, unlike chiropractic and acupuncture, uses a natural method to help the body. To help the body correct itself, particular parts of the foot that are thought to be connected with different glands, organs and limbs are manipulated. Reflexologists learn about the complex reaction mechanism of the body. Based on this information, stimulation points are pressed on the feet that generate responses in organs and regions of the body. Reflexology is focused on autonomic responses almost exclusively.

How does Massage Therapy vary from Reflexology?

Reflexology limits manipulation to the feet and hands, in basic words. In all areas of the body, massage therapists work to relax tense muscles. The relation between muscles and the nervous system is operated on through massage therapy. In order to clear energy pathways to organs and other body parts, reflexology operates on a believed connection between points on the hands and feet. Massage acts directly on the muscles and nerves where, at a distance from the manipulated stage, reflexology induces a tissue response. The purpose of reflexology is to improve the functioning of organs, glands and body systems, such as circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems, while massage is to improve the functioning of body tissue. Although massage therapists work all over the body, reflexologists just touch their hands and feet.

What are the Reflexology Benefits?

Reflexologists work on the theory that stress induces Â3⁄4 of all human illnesses. Their goal is to decrease stress and establish deep relaxation. To over fourteen thousand nerves, reflexologists learn to relieve discomfort and clear blocked passages. The cardiovascular system can more effectively allow blood to flow through the system through reflexology. It also increases the performance of vitamins, minerals and food nutrients in the body and reduces waste in this way. Reflexology works at balancing the whole system of the body.

People undergoing reflexology say that they have more capacity, feel more concentrated and have less diseases. They also say that they heal quicker from such illnesses as colds and flu. Clients who often undergo reflexology often insist that they are more concentrated and alert and that they can relax quicker and more profoundly.

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