Mar 29, 2021

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Music Industry – Music Schools

It’s fascinating to see that, as the music industry is collapsing and contracting in ways it’s never seen before, music schools are expanding. Every year, more graduates are produced, and some are now enrolled in bachelor’s degree programmes. As if cheating people off for associate degrees wasn’t bad enough in a profession where only one in a thousand people would get an internship in a real music studio.

The internship itself is nothing to get excited about, because the intern will then be forced to work for free while being abused by those around them. It is probably preferable to start working in a department store right away so that your loan can be paid off. When I was in school, I was astounded at how starkly the moods of the students and teachers differed. Without naming any names, I went to the main music school in Winter Park, Florida, which should be easy enough for everyone to find.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Mandeville School of Music & Dance.

The majority of the faculty were former students who were unable to find work elsewhere. Many of them were unhappy and underpaid, and they tried to educate the rest of us about the outside world. The funny thing was that no one believed it, and everyone I knew believed that as soon as they graduated, they could make it big on their own. On my first day, graduation was held then for some reason, I asked one of the graduates what they think of the school and was told that you get out of it what you put in. This was an expression that was repeated hundreds of times to each of us during the school year, and it seemed that you had just recently learned to say it to others.

I was fortunate, but not genuinely fortunate, in that I was threatened and formed connections with the right people to secure an internship at a New York studio almost immediately. When I arrived at work, things were not as they had been taught to me at school, but compared to the rest of my class, I was incredibly fortunate, as no one else had landed anything worthwhile. I worked for free for six months, and as soon as the money started rolling in, the studios around me began to close. I was able to find a niche in a foreign-speaking market and start a record label, which had a number of radio hits and pushed me forward.

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