Dec 31, 2020

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Montreal Limousine Association for Wedding Plan

You may have insisted on having your wedding limousine. You do not only rent limousine service just like hotel rooms. Visit us for great deals in Montreal Limousine Association
You need to make a reservation for your wedding day and what kind of limousine is available on that date, and so on. It depends on what kind of limousine or model you would like to rent. For limousine operation, the required rental period is 3 hours. It takes 1 hour to pick up and drop off service, most limousine providers do not provide this if you just employ their limousine for 3 hours.
Basic rental plan for a traditional wedding range from $250 to $500 for 3-hour service and rental costs differ due to the choice of car. A regular 8-sitter limousine costs $250 for lease, $350 for exotic limousine, and $500 to $1,000 for stretch SUV excursions. This choice of pricing is for 3 hours of rental, and the newest model sort of limousine, of course, and the more hours you drive it, the better the rental.
Before your wedding date, you require 6 to 9 months to start shopping for your wedding limo. This will allow you more time to choose the kind of limousine you want to use for your wedding. Any limousine rental agencies do not entertain inquires for more than 1 year from your wedding day. If you’re planning a bridal party, the Exotic limo will hold 12-14 guests, but they are more costly and small. Be sure to mention the amount of people because dressing 10 people in formal wear is hard to squeeze.
For your security request for a written contract in case an issue will occur, often businesses do not place their service in writing. If you prepare for your wedding day, make sure it’s not March – June, as limousine services are skyrocketing due to school prom this season. You can have a rough time searching for the kind of limousine you want to rent. Another explanation is that during season, the minimum renting hours are 8 hours and the regular rent rate is raised by 30 percent.

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