Feb 25, 2021

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Healthy clean windows will make it better for your building

Have you ever seen a competent window washer do his or her job and speculate on how she really does such a great job so easily and with only the most basic tools? There are some important tricks of the trade you need to master when it comes to window washing, only before you can be secure in the fact that you wash windows like a pro. Believe it or not, once you know what you’re doing, you might find that window washing is actually enjoyable. The original source exterior home cleaning Los Angeles County California

The very first advice is to give yourself the right equipment for window washing. This includes a great high quality squeegee. Microfiber cloths, applicator, scraper, and window bucket Depending on the size of the window you’ll be cleaning, the squeegee should be a 10″ to 16″ professional standard brass or stainless steel squeegee. If you are operating on high windows, you would also want a high-quality window scrubber and probably an extension pole to complement the job your squeegee will do.

You don’t want to leave your clothes with lint on the window, so we recommend using lint-free microfiber cloths. You can also consider purchasing a tool belt designed primarily to maintain your window washing equipment. You’ll be able to finish the job quicker and you’ll be doing less bending by throwing one tool down and picking up another.

Despite the fact that window washing can be done at any time, the best weather for doing so is on a wet, gloomy (but not rainy) day. You don’t want to wash your windows in the immediate sunlight at any moment, so they’ll dry out too quickly and leave streaks.

The following is the form you would use: Fill the cool or lukewarm water (never hot) with your window washing bucket and apply a small amount of dishwashing soap. On or around the glass, brush any cobwebs or dirt away. To get rid of excess liquid, dip the applicator into the bucket and run your hand over the applicator. With the applicator and rinse, moisten the window. When it’s done, the window will feel cleaner and it won’t have any rough spots. Make sure that the window is wet if you need to use a scraper to get rid of stubborn spots – never scrape a dry window. You and your building can benefit from cleaning your windows.

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