Nov 21, 2020

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A Note on Gmp Certification

GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of guidelines made by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. These guidelines are set forth to ensure that the FDA protects consumers from adulterated materials and products. They are very strict on how a company is to prepare a health supplement. The FDA mandates that the raw materials are tested and identified.Learn more about us at Gmp Certification

The sad thing is that if a company isn’t NSF certified or NPA certified for cGMP’s then they probably aren’t sure what they are putting into their product. Chances are that most of the ingredients that these companies put into their product are what they think they are. However, without proper testing then there is no way to be completely sure. With the cGMP’s the FDA mandates that companies do identity testing on their raw ingredients to make sure that they are putting into their product what they think they are putting into their product.

So, how do you know if a manufacturer is cGMP compliant or not? The best way is to see if they have any third party certifications. The most common of these companies that do cGMP audits is NPAA and NSF. If a company had either of these certifications then you can rest assured that they are more legit than 95% of the companies out there. Most companies are not cGMP certified and it can be assumed that their products are not as high quality as those products manufactured in a cGMP certified facility.

So GMP certification is a big step in becoming a quality vitamin manufacturer. The next step is ingredient selection. There is actually a wide spectrum of quality when it comes to raw ingredients. Not all vitamins are created equal. Some are more purified than others. Some are more potent than others. One manufacturer could put a lot of low quality vitamins into a product when a second company could put a lot of highly potent vitamins into their product. Which one would you want? Which product would you choose? In our experience it is the results that speak for themselves. Higher quality ingredients give better results. You will feel the difference.

A good way to find a high quality contract manufacturer is to Google the keywords “GMP certified contract manufacturer” or something similar to this. There are a lot of good manufacturers out there. There are very few that are quality manufacturers that are cGMP certified.

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