Feb 24, 2021

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Are You A Victim in Distracted Driving Accident

Certain causes of diversion from driving are clear. For example, texting while driving, as the number of car accidents related to this practice has increased significantly, has received quite a bit of attention. Many states, with the rest of the country expected to do the same, have already made laws banning this activity. Get More Information

Some habits of distracted driving can seem less apparent, but are just as risky. A dangerous situation can be created by reading a map or GPS, changing radio stations or skipping songs on a Mp3 player and even having a conversation with passengers. Such habits, as well as grooming, eating or speaking behind the wheel on a mobile phone, count as distracted driving.

As distracted driving law is so recent, behind the wheel, many drivers have long-standing bad habits. They may not even be conscious in these situations that the conduct is unsafe and are thus more likely to admit that the reporting officer is overwhelmed.If the driver who was at fault makes an excuse after an accident, such as, “I just reached down to miss a song and I didn’t even see you,” make sure the officer on the scene is aware of this fact, so that it can be included in the report of the accident. To your automobile accident solicitor, this detail may be helpful.To those watching the crash, other actions can also be apparent. For example, speaking on a handheld mobile phone or brushing hair in a rear-view mirror is easily visible. Again, make sure the detail is included in the accident report if there is any evidence of these habits.

The distracted driver would readily admit fault in a perfect world, and the medical costs and auto repairs would be paid in full by the proper car insurance provider happily. The real world outcome, sadly, is always very distinct.Fearing an increase in insurance rates, even drivers who know they are at fault may be less than truthful. Car insurance firms tend to protect their properties and will use all available methods to prevent payment. Many drivers find a car accident attorney necessary to recoup their damages and receive a reasonable settlement, particularly after accidents involving serious injury or significant property damage.If there have been an accident where the other driver was a fault, enlist the aid of a trained car accident attorney in your area to ensure that medical bills, property damage and missed time from work are completely paid for.


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