Jun 30, 2021

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A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Clear a False Arrest

In the event of a mistaken arrest, a criminal defence attorney can assist you clear your record. A wrongful arrest occurs when you are held against your will by officials who do not have the power to detain you. Occasionally, persons are arrested but later determined to be innocent or the charges against them are dismissed. This is a unique circumstance that does not qualify as a false arrest. If you’re looking for more tips, Aventura Criminal Lawyer has it for you.

Officers aren’t the only ones who have made a mistake by issuing a bogus arrest warrant. They aren’t the most common offenders, in fact. Police officers are usually well knowledgeable about the law and take great care to follow the rules. Security guards, security officers, and bounty hunters are the ones who make the most blunders.
As they endeavour to safeguard stores or warehouses from burglary and stealing, security guards or cops have experienced issues with incorrect arrest methods. They may notice someone who appears to be preparing to steal stuff, but they cannot be arrested until the person tries to flee the premises. As a strategy of reducing theft, some states have made it unlawful to conceal merchandise in jackets, shirts, and other items while the customer is still shopping.
If they have the right warrants, bounty hunters can make arrests. Unfortunately, the usual bounty hunter is both a beginner and a vigilante when it comes to specific legal manoeuvres, and so does not always follow necessary processes. When bounty hunters accidentally sought to bring a suspect to the authorities in an incorrect manner, they were charged not only with false arrest but also with kidnapping.
False imprisonment is frequently mistaken for false arrest. False incarceration can occur not only in the context of police officers and prison time, but also in the context of ordinary persons refusing to allow another person to escape a car, home, or building. Parents of misbehaving children have even been charged with this offence after forcibly restraining them or having them kidnapped and taken to a reform camp.
When a police officer obtains a warrant, believes there is probable cause, or suspects a suspect is attempting to flee a crime scene, he or she makes a legitimate arrest.


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Mar 24, 2021

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Criminal Defense Attorney – Some Insight

Murder, sexual harassment, drug distribution, and so on… I’ve been involved in a number of court proceedings defending those accused of such crimes. In the course of their careers, most criminal law lawyers will come across these types of cases. Visit our website to get free information about Stroleny Law, P.A.

Many of these lawyers begin their legal careers as prosecutor trainees. The lawyer, of course, is the “white knight” of the courtroom, tasked with bringing justice to the criminally accused. That’s how I got my start as a prosecutor, as the “white knight.” However, working for the government places restrictions on how much one can advance in one’s career.

As a result, after many years on the law enforcement side, I chose to turn sides and fight the government on behalf of the individual suspected of wrongdoing.

“How do you serve those people?” is a common question asked of me in casual conversation. It’s usually asked in a tone that makes me want to bow my head in shame if I don’t know the answer.

But, because there is no guilt, my head does not lower in shame. I’ve been practicing criminal law for almost 30 years. Several of those years were spent as a lawyer, witnessing and experiencing the criminal justice system from the viewpoint of a prosecutor seeking guilty verdicts or guilty pleas from defendants.

However, I spent the bulk of my criminal law career defending the accused, studying and witnessing the criminal justice system from the other side. It’s also unusual for me to portray someone who is entirely cruel. The overwhelming majority of those accused of being “criminals” are just ordinary citizens. Usually, they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they’ll almost certainly never be charged as a “criminal” again.

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