Dec 29, 2020

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Wine Tasting Events: The Art Of Pairing Wines

Wine tasting is basically the sensory assessment and evaluation of wine at a tasting room. While the practice of wine tasting dates back to as early as the formation of the tasting wine tradition itself, a more officialized methodology developed by the 14th century that includes detailed assessment criteria for evaluating a wine’s flavor, aroma, color, aftertaste, and other important qualities. These criteria, which are largely based on the traditional tasting wine or the style of the grape used to make it, have developed into a complex and highly regarded set of classifications for wine evaluation. Wine tasting tours provide an opportunity for the connoisseurs of fine wines to travel to different vineyards and to get a better taste of the varietals grown in different regions around the world.You can get additional information at Spiritopia Albany | Spirits and Wine Tasting Room, Albany.

The primary goal of the wine tasting tour is to expose the wine lover to new and exciting wines and to gain a greater understanding of what makes each wine unique and different. At a basic level, this involves gathering the participants in a group and having them smell the wines. In most cases, there is a small glass of wine to each individual, and in many cases, the glasses are brought individually. Wine tasters are trained to sift through the wines and determine the characteristics of their aroma, texture, taste, and overall quality.

Each of the six taste categories is equally weighted and assigned an equal score. In the majority of cases, the tasters are allowed a repeat glass so that each individual can experience the aroma, texture, taste, and aftertaste on another wine tasting panel without having to feel guilty about not tasting the same wine as the last panel member. This is especially important for reds, which may be evaluated individually as a group. It may be easier, in many cases, for the novice taster to taste wine from a bottle than it is to judge a wine by a single sip, so it is worth spending several minutes sampling each type of wine to get a good idea of the characteristics of each wine and how they might be best served.

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