Dec 22, 2020

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State Farm Insurance Agent – An Info


An insurance agency, sometimes referred to as an independent broker or insurance brokerage, recruits, insures and represents policies for a number of different insurance providers. They are never directly employed by only one insurance provider. Rather, they are independent agents who earn a commission on each policy that is sold or purchased by a customer. Insurance agents can be licensed in any state in the United States and may also have other states under their jurisdiction.Feel free to find more information at Sarah Atkinson – State Farm Insurance Agent, Huntington Beach.

In order to become an insurance agent, a person must meet specific education and training requirements. They must successfully pass the State examinations for insurance agents and then must complete the training required to become a licensed independent insurance broker. After completing these requirements, they must pass the licensing exam from their state’s Department of Insurance. From there, they will be able to become licensed in one state and then switch to a different one. Depending on the type of license they hold, an individual may also be able to write policies from a licensed agent without having to start from zero.

Becoming an insurance agent does have many benefits to consider. Most importantly, being an independent contractor enables agents to make more money and gives them more freedom to choose which carriers they want to represent. Independent agents also have the option to work for just one carrier, writing policies for various companies simultaneously. Lastly, most businesses utilize an insurance agency to handle the bulk of their business insurance needs because they often have the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently handle all aspects of the business from the claims process to the actual products and services provided.

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