Mar 25, 2021

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Setting Up Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank Aquariums – Getting Started

Aquarium supplies The following items are needed to set up tropical freshwater fish tank aquariums: filter, heater, lighting, gravel, plants, and decor. To test water parameters and track the nitrogen cycle, you’ll also need replacement filter media and aquarium test kits. I highly encourage you to purchase complete system fish tank aquariums, which include all of the required aquarium equipment. This ensures you won’t be confused about what you’ll need to start your aquarium or overwhelmed by the variety of equipment available. Purchasing tank aquariums that provide anything you require gives you peace of mind and alleviates a great deal of stress! If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Get more information

Putting together your aquarium Before buying an aquarium, consider the amount of room you have and the adult size of the fish you want to hold, as all of these factors can influence the size and shape of aquarium you need. You will follow these steps to a stress-free good aquarium setup if everything has been carefully prepared and your perfect aquarium is sitting with all of the necessary equipment ready to be set up.

Place the aquarium (on a stand if necessary) away from direct sunlight, humidity, and draughts, as these affect the tank’s light and temperature. Also, make sure the aquarium’s floor can withstand the aquarium’s total weight when it’s full of water (approximately 10 pounds per gallon of water).

Wash the tank with the hottest water you can stand. Use no soap or detergents because the residue will damage tropical fish.

Install the under-gravel filter (if your aquarium comes with one) in the bottom of the tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To clear any dust or debris, thoroughly wash the gravel in hot water with a sieve. Fill the under-gravel filter with gravel in the tank. Make a gentle gravel slope with the deepest part at the back.

Both artificial plants and aquarium decorations should be washed in hot water before being placed in the aquarium.

Attach the aquarium heater to the inside of the tank using the suction cups, but don’t plug it in for at least 30 minutes before the thermostat has adjusted to the water temperature, or the heater may shatter. Of course, you’ll need to do some research on the animals you want to hold in order to learn about their unique temperature needs.

Place the filter media inside the aquarium filter and set it up according to the instructions.

Fill the aquarium with room-temperature water after placing a dish on the bottom to break up the force of the water. If you’re using unfiltered drinking water, add a de-chlorinator to the water. When filling the tank, keep an eye out for any suspicious leaks. (Aquarium silicone can easily be used to patch them.)

Place the light on top unless the aquarium lighting is already mounted underwater.

Check that everything is working properly by plugging everything in. Make sure the cord has a dip until it meets the electrical outlet, also known as a “drip loop.” This means that the water drips onto the floor rather than into the electrical socket.