Dec 8, 2020

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Services Provided By An Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a specialist of dentistry who deals specifically with the diagnosis, treatment, and correction of misaligned jaw patterns and malpositioned teeth. It can also specialize in correcting severe facial growth, called full orthodontic orthopedics, for which an individual may require extensive training. Orthodontist near me is an excellent resource for this. Orthodontics was first recognized as a medical specialty by the American Dental Association in 1938. Today it is one of the most popular branches of medicine with an estimated quarter of all U.S. dental patients being seen annually.

An orthodontist will perform a variety of general dentistry procedures, as well as performing advanced dental techniques such as Invisalign. They are qualified to make diagnoses of all types of tooth and gum disorders. An orthodontist uses their expertise to create alignment of teeth in patients through the use of braces or appliances. Some orthodontists also perform surgical procedures to correct severe conditions such as malocclusion, or a crooked bite. Some orthodontists use corrective appliances to help straighten the teeth of children.

In the United States there are many qualified orthodontists available. One way to find qualified dentists is to check your local telephone directory or online directory of dentists. In addition to an existing practice, some orthodontists work through firms that have received official approval by the state to provide orthodontic services. Other orthodontists work as independent contractors.