Feb 1, 2021

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Rug Cleaning Techniques That You Can Use

Rugs in the cleaning area are something that owners of rugs have to contend with. Something close to the top of your chore list should be maintaining your rugs. A clean and new rug can make a space more beautiful and attractive; the look and feel of your home can also be spoiled by a dirty one. This is why it is a must to keep your rugs clean and fresh at all times. Vancouver Carpet Cleaning Association is an excellent resource for this.

There are several different methods of cleaning your rugs and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We’ll look at a few popular techniques here that you can use to make your area rugs look their best.

Vacuuming – The most powerful method for keeping the carpet and rugs clean is the vacuum cleaner. Dust and dirt will build up on your rugs and the only solution is vacuuming. Allowing the accumulation of dirt and dust would certainly contribute to discoloration. Daily vacuuming will avoid this from occurring and will keep the rugs in good shape as well. At least once a week, consider vacuuming your rugs. Try three or four times a week for rugs in high traffic areas to really stop the build-up from occurring.

Cleaning With Water – Using water is another effective option for cleaning your rugs. A perfect way to avoid stains as well as dust and dirt is to wash the dirty parts of a rug with water. Without having to spend a lot of money and effort, this will make your rug clean and new. After washing, just make sure to dry the rug thoroughly. Put a towel over the area you have washed and leave it overnight, weighted down by a large object. Any excess water that may be left behind would be absorbed by the fabric.

Using Cleaning Agents – It is also a safe way to use to clean your rugs with cleaning agents. On the market, there are a lot of cleaning agents, but there are also cheap ones that you can find lying around the building. Vinegar and ammonia are a few that you can blend to make your very own cleaning solution with water. To clear it absolutely, add the cleaning agent of your choosing to the dirty areas of the rug and wipe out the stain with a rag. Care to follow every cleaning product’s instructions at all times.