Feb 22, 2021

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Roof Repair – Detecting Moisture Damage With Thermal Imaging

Why Thermal Imaging Detects Damage to Roofing
To detect the presence of moisture, thermal imaging utilizes infrared technology. The concept used in this includes the measurement of temperature differentials in the entire roof and the identification of variations as a guide to moisture presence. This approach does no damage to the roof and is absolutely non-destructive in nature. Thermographic images are created that can project the saturation areas easily. Have a look at Roof repair near me for more info on this.
Thermal Imaging Quickly Spotted Issues
While this approach has been used in medical care, astronomy and science, the use of thermal imaging for detecting roofing leakage is very recent. There are a number of issues with this technology that can be easily detected. It is possible to detect the presence of moisture, albeit slight, within the roof fabric. If the roof has gaps, this, along with the presence of air, can be observed. It is also possible to define the leakage of heat that hampers insulation. This is extremely helpful in partial roof repair as patches can be used on correct leakage areas. This not only results in savings on maintenance bills for roofing, but also on bills for energy consumption. A comparison of photographs before and after repair is also possible to check whether a leak has been repaired successfully.
Thermal Imaging Benefits in Roof Repairs
It helps to spot flat roof leaks in houses, office buildings, factories and manufacturing plants.
It makes it easy to correctly classify the parts of a roof that have been affected by leakage.
Works at a time on large parts of the roof
Diagnosing the degree of roof damage is completely secure and reliable.
Saves good roofing and helps prevent good parts from being prematurely replaced
Helps to prepare a budget based on reality and not projections
It also helps to determine the source of the damage needed for potential mitigation.
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