Dec 9, 2020

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Quick Recap About South Ockendon Portaloo Hire Association

So you’re planning a major gathering, and you urgently need additional facilities for the bathroom. You decide to go for luxurious portable toilet hire, and book some classy portaloos instead of leaving your guests to experience the horror of grotty, claustrophobic cubicles, but what kind do you go for? After all if you end up with a long line of guests queuing up cross-legged outside two toilets, hiring luxury portable toilets is hardly worth it – after all a limited number of luxury toilets would provide your guests with an experience as uncomfortable as a field of usual portaloo cubicles, so it is important to prepare ahead.
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You can of course, begin by considering the size of the event when you are looking to recruit portaloos. Events such as corporate events and races, or larger outdoor weddings, for example, would need a lot of toilets, not only to ensure that there are enough toilets for all participants, but also to prevent queues, making people irritable and impatient, as this may well ruin their entire enjoyment of your case, so make sure you think about how many toilets you will need.

For instance, a smaller case, with only a male bathroom and a female bathroom,’ The Mere,’ can involve no more than two toilets. However only two toilets might be too small if you are looking for portable toilet hire for most activities, and it is better hired as a contingency measure,’ just in case,’ instead of hiring this small unit to actually provide facilities for an entire outdoor activity.

But if you are looking for some extra facilities, a larger unit, such as The Sylvan’, may be a better choice, whereas The Mere’ could be a useful unit to employ. ‘The Sylvan’ is a better choice for portable toilet hire rather than just one toilet for men and one for women, as it comes with two toilets and two women’s sinks, and two urinals, a male toilet and a sink. A larger device such as this would avoid the creation of long queues, but at the same time,’ The Sylvan’ would struggle to cope with more than fifty or so guests during events, so even larger units could be worth considering.