Mar 1, 2021

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Money Saving Residential and Business Foam Roof Insulation

My husband and I live in a house that was designed in the 1960s. Our new home has a wonderful look, but we dislike the flat roof. It always leaked, causing problems in our house. Our issues were fixed, however, when we installed foam roof insulation instead of repairing our old roof.

We had never heard of spray roof insulation until we saw it being used on a local company. We were able to speak with the business owner, who explained why he wanted an SPF (sprayed in place polyurethane foam) roofing device. He, like us, had a lot of problems with a flat roof. By clicking we get more information about the America Roofing – Phoenix foam roofing

He clarified that after much study, he wanted to use foam roof insulation because of its insulative and seamless properties. Sprayed polyurethane foam has reportedly been used as a roofing material for thirty years, suggesting that the process is tried and true.

After the sprayed polyurethane foam has been applied, it is sealed with a protective cover. Silicone, urethane, cementious, or acrylic protective coatings are all options. The coatings enhance the SPF surface’s fire resistance, waterproofing, UV protection, and impact and abrasion resistance. Once the foam roof insulation and protective coating are dry, you can add protective walkways where appropriate.

We agreed to explore using this technology at home after consulting with the business owner. Our home was visited by a foam roof insulation expert. He demonstrated how the polyurethane foam provides an energy-efficient, lightweight, and permanent seamless covering. He clarified how the device is self-flashing and adheres to every form of substrait due to the expanding nature of the foam. He defined how the coatings provide additional protection against water, sunlight, injury, and corrosion. He showed us photographs of sprayed polyurethane roofs before and after. The foam roof insulation seems to be quite appealing.

We went back to the business where we first saw the foam roofing insulation a few weeks later. We were brought up onto the roof by the owner to see it for ourselves. We were extremely satisfied with the final product. It was clear how well the foam had adhered to every surface and spread completely around the roof’s pipes and fittings. He predicted that the foam roof would last at least 25 years. He predicted that the protective coating would need to be reapplied on occasion. He also claimed that he intends to save at least 30% on energy costs for his company. All we wanted to hear was that.