Feb 17, 2021

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Methods in your home and yard to get rid of termites

Don’t panic if your home is infested with termites, as there are many natural and non-chemical ways to get rid of them. Instead of permanently getting rid of them using harmful pesticides, if you are looking for DIY termite management strategies, it will mainly be preventive in nature. Interested readers can find more information about them at Team Veterans Pest Control – Charleston termite control.

Your yard is the first place to add termite control products when choosing to get rid of termites yourself without professional support. In humid environments, termites breed, so they are sure to be here. Start by using termite-resistant forests to treat your sheds, decks and other wooden equipment and furniture you use outdoors. Treat your paved and stone foundations with water-resistant sealers. This would also deter termites from rising in large numbers in your yard.

To avoid further growth of termites, you might also try using orange oil. It is made from orange peel, which is considered poisonous by termites.

Another preventive termite prevention strategy that you can do on your own is to track your yard’s risk-prone areas. So, near your house, do not have compost piles, or stacks of wood or leaves stacked up. These are areas where termites thrive because, in humid places, they do well where they can still get enough food. If you have flower beds near your building’s base, get them down, as it promotes the breeding of termites. Instead, at a certain distance from your house, have a flower bed so that there is a natural barrier created between you and termites.

In places like your attic, bathroom and kitchen, you must be vigilant inside your homeā€”all humid areas where termites love to be in. As termites are known to feed on these items, you may also want to watch over any set of old books, stored papers, and old carpeting.