Dec 19, 2020

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Main Points Related to Coral Springs Accounting Firm Association

I spent the next fifteen years helping over 2,000 accountants develop and expand their accounting firms as a Practice Growth Consultant, after establishing five accounting firms from 1984 to 1994. This experience has shown that many accountants have introduced many failed marketing programmes. Do you want to learn more? Click Coral Springs Accounting Firm Association. The key explanation for the failure of most accounting marketing systems is that the accountant tries to treat his or her services as a product. Sadly, this also leads to very low responsiveness and low service quality. There are volumes of accountants offered by many businesses that have tried very costly marketing campaigns tempted by difficult-to-enforce promises with devastating financial consequences. The bulk of these campaign failures use commodity-marketing tactics to concentrate on the services.The accounting industry is not guided by commodities; trust and loyalty drive it. Trust has to be created. It’s hard to sell. Consequently, if an accountant wants to market his or her accounting services as a product or commodity, he or she will fail.The first step in a marketing campaign for accounting services should be to locate an organisation requiring the services of a CPA or accountant. If a company is happy with its present CPA or accountant and does not pursue the services of a new CPA or accountant, the company will not change accountants. Any attempt by an accountant using a marketing campaign to sever that relationship by aggressive selling tactics would only reduce the accountant’s and his or her company’s view of the business. If that individual is happy with the accountant or CPA, the wise accountant will never take a business person away from his or her current accountant. Recognize the situation for both the corporation and the CPA Accountant as a positive one. Never try to separate either the CPA Accountant or the Accounting Industry from what is good for the business.