Mar 4, 2021

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Main Components of Auto Air Conditioning Details

When it comes to cooling air in your home or vehicle, the auto air conditioning compressor functions in the same way as the one in your home or office does. Its role is to compress gas inside the device to transfer hot air and humidity from an evaporator inside the car to a condenser outside the vehicle. The cooling effects of the system are nullified without a properly working auto air conditioning compressor. The original source

Since the 1940s, people have been able to travel in comfort, much as they have in their homes, even in very hot and humid climates, they have been able to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning without interruption, with the exception of brief walks between their home and car and from their car to work. However, if the auto air conditioning compressor fails, the journey would be significantly colder.

The air conditioning compressor in your car is basically a pump with two sides: one for intake and one for discharge. On the intake side, refrigerant is drawn from the evaporator coils within the vehicle’s production. The gas, along with the heat and humidity drawn from the vehicle, is compressed inside the auto air conditioning compressor and sent to the condenser on the outside of the vehicle.

The gases used in the early days of air conditioning were considered toxic, and some, such as propane, had explosive potential. R-12, also known as Freon, is a gas that has been determined to damage the ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, technicians must be qualified to operate with it, or even purchase it, and the gas must always be collected using specialised equipment when an air conditioning system is opened.

Whenever work on an auto air conditioning compressor is performed, it must be done by a qualified technician, and in some cases, a newer, updated model may be needed. After 2010, all cars must use the newer gas R-134a, and if the vehicle’s system is to be loaded with the new gas, it must also be retrofitted with a new auto air conditioning compressor that can generate the higher pressure needed for this gas.

Since the technician must pay more for the costly supplies, gas repair costs would also be higher. Car owners would have to choose between paying for a new auto air conditioning compressor, driving in the sun, or possibly replacing the vehicle.