Jan 14, 2021

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Know About The Web Hosting Control Panels

From individuals to large corporations, there are so many players in the web hosting market. Web hosting services are a highly competitive field, and this enables web hosting players to deliver accessible, feature-rich hosting plans. The essential thing a webmaster needs to make his website accessible to the entire world is web hosting. Checkout theĀ Advantages of Cloud Computing.

The competition of the web hosting industry pushes the web hosting companies to surpass each other. So, almost all of the top businesses have very good technological support. The additional features, such as the free domain name and site creator, and the pricing differ from business to business. But the control panel makes a difference and you need to select the best service that matches your needs.

The control panel is the web hosting company’s program to control and handle the hosting of your website. It’s like a part of your body that’s important. You can handle all your activities through the control panel, such as creating emails, opening your FTP accounts, reporting statistics and many more. Although the control panel alone can not be used as a metric to determine the quality of a web hosting service, as it is an integral feature of a web hosting service, it is essential to know about the control panel.

Windows Only Platform control panels

Helm is a web hosting control panel for Windows only. The control panel of Helm has many customer-friendly features and the billing details is the most striking one. All the most widely used control panels do not have billing information inside the control panel, except for the H-sphere. Helm has a decent standard interface and is simple to run.

Another Windows only web hosting control panel is the Hosting Accelerator. It seems to make the best impression by revealing more stuff, but it won’t make the best impression by showing too much. It gives the impression that the interface is not well designed and that it lacks extra features. It suits players who are experienced.

Control Panels Platform Only for Linux

Due to its many features with simple operation and inexpensive aspects, cPanel occupies the number one spot among the control panels. It is based on the Linux platform and serves more than 10 Linux flavors. It is favoured by many hosting firms, as it costs just $20 a month / server.

Interworx has many features and only platform web hosting control panels deserve to be ranked at the top of Linux. Despite the fact that there are more web hosting services focused on Linux, Inteworx has committed itself to the Linux platform. To see the up streams and the sown streams, it has a feature. Interworx has an interface that is clean.

Another control panel supporting the Linux platform is DirectAdmin. At $10 a month, DirectAdmin offers low hosting costs. It is the most easy control panel to use. While it appears to have more functionality, to fit the other Linux control panels alone, it needs a lot of improvements.