Dec 30, 2020

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Kitchen & Stone – The Advantages of Working With a Kitchen Designer

It should be a satisfying feeling to plan your ultimate kitchen. Once you have compiled designs from a number of outlets for your kitchen, the fun starts as you begin to really combine all the numerous concept ideas into a cohesive image of your dream kitchen. Now is the time to contact a kitchen design expert for help, who will collaborate with you on the design process. Kitchen & Stone is an excellent resource for this.

With a dimensional diagram of your kitchen room, the place to start when you design your dream kitchen is. Draw the layout of the kitchen room, including any doors or windows that you may have to manoeuvre through when planning your kitchen, on a broad sheet of graph paper. Accurately mark where the electrical supplies and plumbing are placed. Plumbing and electrical supply points may be relocated, although this takes more time and effort, and if possible, it is often better to accommodate current service suppliers in the design.

In designing your kitchen layout, the location of your work triangle should be the next step. To encourage your kitchen to operate smoothly, the drain, cooking surface, and refrigerator need to be placed within easy reach of each other. Here, once again, an accomplished kitchen designer will be a helpful collaborator in your kitchen design. They have the knowledge of understanding what is going to work and what is not going to work successfully, and will discourage you from winding up with a kitchen that does not fulfil your needs. If your kitchen functions best with an island, or maybe a peninsula, or a movable cart, or none at all, a competent kitchen designer would recognise. There are design elements that need to be dealt with early in the project, which can render the whole design process efficient.

Designing the kitchen cabinets is the next move. Simple cabinets come with 3-inch intervals in widths, so you can include them with nearly every kitchen layout. This is another place that a professional kitchen designer can save you a tonne of time and irritation. The designer will help you incorporate the details that really make a kitchen a showpiece once the standard kitchen layout is full. How about a plate rail or open end shelves for added appeal

Your choice of countertop and backsplash would be to connect the whole kitchen together. You have several variations of fabrics, colours, and textures to pick from, so this decision will become very overwhelming. Your kitchen planner will be able to work through all the alternatives to help you draw into a cohesive unit every design object in your kitchen. When you settle on the features of your kitchen