Jan 9, 2021

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HHO Gas Generator Installation

I’m going to talk about HHO Gas Generators, how they operate, what they do and how you can create and mount your own in this post. Long Island Emergency Power┬áis an excellent resource for this.

Every day, HHO Gas Generators save thousands of people money, offering them better gas mileage. Even now, with high petrol costs, we need to do whatever we can to increase our gas mileage. The HHO gas produced by Hydrogen Gas Generators burns much cleaner than gasoline, reducing pollution, so it is also better for the atmosphere.

HHO gas generators are better regarded as hydrogen conversion kits, working by the electrolysis mechanism, which utilizes an electrical current and runs it through water, causing the isolation of hydrogen and oxygen.

Here is a very fundamental breakdown of how they work. There will be a water-filled container that will have a wire going through it, which will transfer the wire to attach to the battery of the vehicle. A current can pass across the wire as the motor is switched on, allowing the hydrogen and oxygen to split to produce HHO. Then a vacuum tube will carry it to the car, where it will burn oil along with it.

We have no engines in our cars that can burn HHO of their own, but our engines can burn it with gasoline. So we use it mostly like an ingredient, but it will raise 40 percent of your gas mileage, which will save you a fortune!

There are premade kits out there, but they are very costly, but most individuals make their own. The design is very basic. You can get a tutorial that will show you how to create your own step by step and very cheaply from the internet.