Apr 6, 2021

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Fundamental Details Of Stairlifts

If you’re thinking of getting a stairlift, you still have no idea what’s involved. Hopefully, this article has shed enough light on the topic to assist you in selecting the right stairlift, making your stairlift installation a more enjoyable and satisfying experience. A stairlift is a motorised seat that moves up and down the side of your stairs on a rail. Normally, the rail is bolted to the stairwell rather than the wall. There will be a backrest, two sides, and a footrest on which you can rest your feet. Learn more by visiting stairliftslondonco.co.uk.

It is really easy to use a stairlift. Simply sit in the seat and press the ‘up’ button on the arm (or the ‘down’ button if descending), and the stairlift will transport you to your desired location and stop automatically.

Is it going to ruin my stairwell?No, putting in a stairlift is a very simple procedure. The only drilling needed is to drill small holes every 4 to 5 steps in the treads of your stairs so that rail fixing brackets can be firmly attached to the stair treads. The rest of the job consists of assembling and wiring the stairlift.

Turning and bending are not a problem. There are two styles of stairlifts: regular stairlifts that only fit straight stairs and curved stairlifts that are custom-built to fit the exact profile of your stairs. A straight stairlift is typically installed on the wall side of your stairs, while a curved stairlift can be installed on either the wall or bannister side of your stairs. For example, if you live in a three-story house and want the stairlift to serve all floors, the stairlift should only be mounted on the bannister side because it will obstruct doorways on the mid-floor if installed on the wall side.

The majority of stairlifts come with a variety of seat colours to match your home’s decor. Other alternatives, on the other hand, should be carefully considered.

– Controls: The directional controls (‘up’ and’down’ controls) are located on the arm, and you can choose between push button and joystick controls. Joystick buttons are much easier to use for people with arthritic fingers.

– Swivel seat: The seat should have the ability to swivel into the upper landing, allowing you to dismount comfortably. Manual or powered swivel options are available. You should be able to use the manual swivel if you have decent upper body strength and relatively strong hands. If you have weak upper body strength and/or arthritic hands, on the other hand, the powered swivel is the way to go.

– Footrest: When the stairlift is not in use, the seat, arms, and footrest fold upwards to allow it to fold away neatly. The seat and arms are simple to fold, but the footrest, which is so low to the ground, is much more difficult to manoeuvre. As a result, you can add a’seat to footrest linkage,’ which allows the footrest to rise and fall in tandem with the seat.

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