Mar 17, 2021

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Auto Insurance Policies

In the United Kingdom, most auto insurance plans follow a common format and structure. They are divided into six sections: first, the title, which includes your full address and the name of the UK auto insurance firm that underwrites your policy. Wilkinson Insurance

The second section is a preamble that explains how much an auto insurance policy has cost, and the third section is the auto insurance plan itself. The operative clause is the next line. It’s a detailed list of the kinds of accidents that auto insurance plans cover (comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only). Cover exceptions or cover exclusions are included in the Exceptions clause.

For example, if the car is driven by someone other than the drivers specified on the auto insurance certificate, coverage will be refused. The fifth segment is condition – a set of conditions that must be met in order for the cover to be enabled. As an example, any incident that may impact a claim made under the auto insurance policy must be reported to the auto insurance firm in the United Kingdom or its agent.

The schedule is the last portion of the auto insurance policy.

It is linked to the auto insurance policy and certificate and contains information unique to the insured individual, such as the length of auto insurance and name.