Jun 24, 2021

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Austin Physique Transformation- Info

Of the many factors that influence the development of a lean, muscular physique, muscle is the most important. Why muscle? Muscle is what helps us get lean and stay lean by increasing our metabolism. Want to burn more calories? Build more muscle! Muscle is what makes men look rock solid and masculine and what makes women look shapely and toned. If you’re looking for more tips, Austin Physique Transformation has it for you.

Muscle is what helps our body to function at its highest capacity. Want proof? Just look at the effects that muscle atrophy (loss) has on people as they grow older. They gradually become weaker, have less energy and lose structural support leading to neck, back and joint problems.


You are probably already aware of the benefits of having a little extra muscle, which is why you started to work out in the first place. But how do you accomplish this? It’s easy to lose perspective when trying to set up a program with all the diet pills, magic formulas, “canned programs” and other media hype clouding the issue. These influences can give you a warped perception of your expectations and the methods that you need to use.

If you only learn one thing, it’s this. If you cannot start on the right foot in with your training, nutrition and lifestyle you’ll end up like most people – you have an expensive gym membership and nothing to show for it. This, sadly, is the common theme in almost every commercial health club. If you think you need to train long hours and starve yourself because that’s what some celebrity did to achieve their physique you are largely mistaken.

First, determine your “realistic” goals. Then, set up a reasonable and attainable image of how you want to look. Fitness icons and celebrities can be a great source of inspiration but they are not reflective of regular people and how we live our lives. While it is true that we are all made up of the same muscles, bones, organs and function pretty much the same way, it is the degree to which we function that is very broad among individuals. This can greatly impact your results, which is why finding what works for you works best.

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