Mar 28, 2021

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Ask Clients How to Increase Your Success-Described 

Here’s a quick storey for you to enjoy. We collaborated with a major ICT company’s distribution officer. He tried to boost market performance, but he tended to waste the rest of his time concerned with trivial specifics rather than concentrating on the high-value, strategic issues. He learned to take a step back from the tactical side of things and trust his team to get the job done, while providing assistance as needed. In only one year, his staff took on additional responsibilities, interacted more efficiently, and sales increased by 50%. Do you want to learn more? Visit

We just remember this storey because we asked the sales director to tell us how much of a difference we make. We then took the time to note down everything he’d written. What is the reason for this? Client success stories make for excellent ads!

 We present the findings to the client’s main stakeholders (typically the coaching user, line manager, budget holder paying for the coaching, and human resources) and initiate a series of conversations about how they might include us in the future.

This strategy aids our clients’ preparation and decision-making, as well as our ability to market more coaching programmes. It’s a win-win scenario, and it all boils down to taking the same steps with each coaching engagement:

Prior to beginning a coaching programme, we conduct a Strategy Session to learn about the coaching participant’s goals and concerns, as well as what they need to improve on in order to be effective.

Following that, we have a three-way meeting with coaching clients and their line manager to get the line manager’s input and match the coaching with business priorities.

And we settle on the coaching participant’s coaching program’s consequences – we figure out what the coaching is supposed to make them change and how it can boost their performance, their team’s performance, and the effect on business results.

We only begin coaching against the agreed-upon results after we’ve completed all of this.

We hold a three-way success assessment meeting around halfway into a programme, which includes the line manager again, to monitor progress and ensuring the coaching is still consistent with company goals.

We also have an assessing achievement meeting with each coaching client at the end of each programme.

In addition, there will be a three-way final consultation with the line boss.

Finally, we have a market merit briefing four or six months after the service ends. This is where the coaching client advises us about the long-term effects of their coaching on their success and company outcomes.

That’s quite a number of sessions. They are very valuable to both the customer and us. You should apply the same principles to your customers. You’ll get more business if you play to your strengths as a mentor, which involve asking questions, listening, and taking notes at any conference. However, there are still a lot of sessions…