Jan 19, 2021

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About Elementary Health

Osteopathic treatment is an alternative form of medicine and pseudo science that emphasizes the manipulation of the bones and the muscle tissue of the body. Practitioners of osteopathic medicine are called osteopaths. Its official name is derived from Ancient Greek word “ostegma” and “to sense pressure”. Elementary Health┬áis an excellent resource for this. Osteopathy gained popularity in the Western world during the 19th century. It was then applied to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions including headache, back pain, osteoarthritis, asthma, stress, ulcerative colitis and kidney disorders.

Patients suffering from osteoporosis can benefit from this form of alternative therapy because it has been found effective in reducing bone loss and improving physical function. By using osteopathic treatment, they can reduce pain and stress and improve health. Osteopathy also treats people who have suffered from injuries, acute and chronic pain, migraine headaches, indigestion, menstrual disorders, menstrual pains, irritable bowel syndrome, nervous disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, sciatica and muscular and skeletal pain. Patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injury, post-stroke, head injury can also benefit from this form of treatment. There are several theories about how osteopathic treatment may improve health.

Osteopaths usually prescribe controlled pressure to the affected area, which reduces the pain. The patient generally responds to topical anesthesia applied for short periods. This type of osteopathic treatment helps the patient avoid the acute pain and control the pain to the extent that self-healing is possible. Self-healing is possible because the patient learns to control pain and its symptoms through effective management of one’s daily activities.