Dec 4, 2020

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A Spotlight of SEO For local business

Local businesses are slowly facing the fact that marketing power has gone from local ads and the town newspaper and radio to the internet search engines, with an increased rate people everywhere are using the power of the search engines to find local services instead of opening “the book” and looking for a professional in their area. -how to implement SEO For local business.

This is the new era of commercialism, people do not want to waste time or energy on looking for services, the fast internet term query brings up results that could end up being an actual request shortly afterwards, fill in a couple of fields and press a send button, you will have the local business call you the next day and set up a visit.

One of the places this trend is felt dramatically in are small college towns across the country, the young people that move into a new town are not familiar with local brand name services and businesses, even faculty is young and unaware of who to contact when they need local help, and just as most people do today they turn to the internet for help.

A local business owner told us that he was amazed at the impact his internet website had on his business, “at first I thought it would be a waste of time and money, we had to plan the general look and feel of the site and write some content for the pages, took us almost a whole weekend to do that, then nothing happened for three months, I almost gave up on the whole thing but the forth month was crazy, every day we got an email and by that end of that month the internet has become our main source for new costumers.”

The reason that small businesses succeed in ranking well, while big businesses are involved in epic battles and sometimes fail miserably, is the fact that they focus all their attention on the local area they provide the service to, local businesses are not interested in taking over the whole industry but simply letting the people who live in their town that they provide those services. “In my time everyone had “the book”, we thought it was obvious that someone would find us there, “look me up in the book” I used to tell people for years. I think that 90% of my new clients don’t even have that book at home, they have a laptop and they don’t intend to use anything else.” A local plumber told us, referring to the fact that new clients, as most of today’s new generation, has moved from the traditional advertising platforms to new ones.

It would be wise to keep all channels of communication open to your potential client, using traditional media still works very well, but space on the internet is quickly running out and in order to take over your market share and profit from it you should consider local search optimization and start to rank for the keywords that describe what your business does.