Nov 17, 2020

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A Perfect Themed Wedding Cake Idea

Today, many brides rely on themes for their wedding decorations. Some brides who are getting married in the winter, for example, will schedule a winter themed wedding. Two common wedding themes and the associated wedding cake design to complement the wedding themes will be discussed in this article.Have a look at this famous chocolate cake was voted the best in Singapore 2020 for more info on this.

Wedding Themed Rose

What better way the bride and groom will demonstrate their love for each other than to focus their wedding and reception on a love-symbolizing flower. A wedding with a rose theme is an excellent and special way to dress up your wedding day. It may seem hard to base an entire day on a flower, but your wedding day will be fabulous with a little creativity and a little guidance.

You should of course, line your wedding aisle runner with roses and even incorporate them into the decor of your programme. Also, sprinkling rose pedals (real or fake) over the cake would be a perfect wedding cake idea for a rose themed wedding. You can also customise the imitation rose pedals with the names of the bride and grooms and the wedding date if your budget is wide enough. This is a unique and innovative concept that will have your guests raving and can also act as a favour for a wedding. You can just have the baker build a few edible rose pedals for the cake if this concept seems a little over the top.

Wedding by Beach Themed

This type of theme is perfect for destination weddings that take place in island resorts. For these themes it is critical that you incorporate the island elements into your ideas. You would want to have tropical colours displayed in your wedding and reception, for example.

Stuff like sea shells and sand will include a perfect beach themed wedding cake concept. Try getting your wedding cake decorated of surrounding edible sea shells. You might also ask the cake designer to create a beach scene like the top of the wedding cake. The ripples from the tide and also the sand components could form distinct coloured icing. A unique wedding cake topper connected to the beach or water may include another great beach-themed wedding cake concept. You could go on top of your cake with a monogrammed acrylic sail boat. An excellent addition to any reception is this sort of unique cake topper. It displays the personalities of the bride and grooms and perfectly accents the wedding cake.